I'm Núria Larruy Roca, creative director. I was born in Barcelona and I work exclusively with animated and digital collage. I majored in Fashion Design and got my postgraduate degree in art direction and styling as well as video editing and post production. It was in 2018 when I was able to unify all my knowledge and skills regarding the Adobe Pack, thanks to collage. It allows me to create and work without limits, without concerns and with the best technology in the market. With my technique and methodology, I can work with any project. I analyse each style, personality and concept before adding colour, texture and a unique essence to achieve every project's specific goals. I believe in close contact with every client, allowing everyone to participate and give feedback throughout the creative process.

Stylist and Art Direction

Passionate about analyzing briefings, adding colour and textures to make a story come to life. I've worked as a stylist and creative director in music videos for Judit Neddermann and The Sey Sisters, and for clients such as Pannama Jack or La Urban Dance Factory, along with Losvientiochofilms Production Company among others.

Video Editing and animator

Constantly seeking perfection in finding the best possible rythymn and sentiment in a video. I've worked for both producers like Verano.tv or Redwood and clients like ASICS Tenkan-Ten, Zespri, We Are Family or pisos.com.

Clients I've worked for

Production Companies I've worked for