Work Process

I don't work with single templates that work for everyone, I create specific content for every client and what you need. In order to reach high quality results, I've created a detailed 10-step process.

Still not sure about all the work that’s gone into creating the final piece? Your creation is only the tip of the iceberg that’s finally surfacing after an extensive creative process.

Here come the final touches, last minute changes to make sure the rythmn of this composition fits perfectly with the sound effects we’re using. At this point I will also adapt the piece to all the needed formats.

This is where the magic happens, the fun part. We’ll make our composition come to life. I’ll make sure to find the best technique to add movement to the piece in perfect harmony.

We’re in the final stretch! I’ll create several compositions to find the best fit for you.

This stage is based on editing and retouching the imagery to obtain the harmony and the unique style we’re looking for. Make it our own.

Do you have your own film or photography? If you don’t, at this point I’ll gather all the necessary material to come up with a final piece without having to hire a production crew. I’ll find exactly the imagery you need without leaving your place.

Con él vas a poder visualizar el guión con el contenido que habremos preseleccionado en el moodboard anterior, para que cada vez veas el arte final más claro.

Are you worried that at the end of the process you won’t be convinced by the style? Don’t worry. I’ll create a moodboard (aka inspirational board). This will reflect my ideas, color palette, textures and photographic references. This exercise will help you build an image of what the final project will look like.

Do you already have an idea? Cerain guidelines you’ve com up with? Let’s discuss it. Are you completely lost? No problem! At this stage I’ll start developing the idea, the concept and script that will tell your story and give meaning to the piece we’re creating in order to achieve your final goal.

Tell me what’s on your mind, what’s the meaning and what’s the message you want to convey. Share with me your objective, your target audience and your requirements. Every detail is key when it comes to our communication so the end result is perfect. What’s my role at this point? I’ll analyze your branding (style and company/project image) and select the most relevant details. I’ll add relevant information and I’ll share my advice with you, give you ideas and references that can help you evolve. All this will be discussed during our fist meeting, free of charge.


Why work with me?

These are a few of the reasons why collage has become the best format to attract and communicate with your audience.


We’re tired of creating and recreating new things to be the best. We need to fight for a more sustainable world and learn that recycled things can be even better than new ones. With collage I want to break the mold and create amazing new pieces from reused photographs.

I will work very closely with you so I can really understand what you want and the passion behind your project. I don’t want to just create a beautiful piece, I want to tell your story in a beautiful way.

I’m very careful of the images I choose to work with, I’m not creating political pieces that go against society. I don’t work with images that could affect feminism, racism, ecologism and many others.


I’m one of the only people in Spain that works exclusively in collage animation.

My professional control of the Adobe programs has allowed me to create the best possible compositions.

One of the great things about collage is that’s there are lots of different styles and levels of complexity. This allows me to adapt perfectly to your budget and specific needs.

Not only will you have a video promotion of your product, but I’ll turn your product into an attractive artistic composition that people will love.

Contact me to chat or get an estimate

If you like what you see and you’ve got questions, don’t be shy. Fill out the form so I can have an idea of where you’re at. Depending on your needs I’ll offer what’s best for you.

They have already tried it

They have already tried it

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